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Following are the some frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer you can always contact us

A site refers to a specific practice location where you are hiring or wish to attract talent. You can have a job active on multiple active sites for best exposure.

Select & purchase the number of sites (practice locations) you want the job(s) to post at, and the duration (3, 6 or 12 months) you want the site active.  You can then post your jobs to any active site.

Unlike most job boards, you can post unlimited job openings at each active hiring site that you’ve paid for.

No problem - we have tiered site packages that are built specifically to give you full exposure and best ROI with unlimited job postings at all practice sites.

You will receive member engagement to your own inbox and will also have access to all information via your employer admin portal.

There is no database of members that you can search through, however members have the option to select the market and sites that they are interested in and receive notifications about all new sites & jobs. You will have the ability to see which members are following your sites and nurture those members through recruitment advertising products.

Having active postings on the platform allows your site(s) to light up green on the map, informing members at a glance that you are hiring. You can also feature your jobs to members in the association-sponsored newsletter to drive members directly to your hiring location and job posting to stand out among other active employers.

Once your information is submitted, our team strives to have you active on the map within a business day.

 Absolutely! Your Account Management team will always be available to answer any questions you may have or be able to walk you through the employer portal to edit any details you previously provided us

Networking status on the map means you are open to speaking with members, but may not have an actual job available yet. This direct candidate communication allows you to build your talent pipeline in advance of your organization’s future needs so you are ready to hire when the time is right.  

Members have the ability to engage with all site types.  For active sites (hiring or networking) they can communicate directly with the employer. For inactive sites the member can indicate they are interested in learning more about your organization and connect with someone from our team.  Our team will reach out to you on the members behalf and see if there is interest in an introduction. If an introduction is made there will be a fee associated if your organization hires this member.  

  Branding is included with the purchase. We encourage you to share images, logos, and organizational information to make your site profiles robust.

Claiming your site verifies your organization is accurately represented on the map. By doing so, you not only enhance the accuracy of the map data, but you also earn a verified badge for your organization, showcasing authenticity and building trust among other members. Claiming your site does not activate it for job posting or direct candidate communication.

Get your full footprint on the map by sharing the details of each work site under your organization so we can accurately showcase your full network to members. Want to stand out even further? Have your sites without current job openings active as Networking sites so members can still connect with you and have a conversation about future opportunities that may arise.  

Of course! Our team will work with you to automate the import of your site and job information. We accept most file types.  

  Can you send me the active job link once posted?

Yes! However, keep in mind that the platform is a member-only resource, so anyone that wants to view the job on the platform itself would require association login credentials. In the case that you do not have association login credentials, we will share screenshots of your site(s) and job(s) live on the platform. You can also see how your profiles appear by using the “Preview Post” feature in the Admin Portal.