ACOEM's Career Exploration Platform

OEM | Explore is the world’s most comprehensive map of occupational and environmental medicine employers and providers.  


Pricing is available on an annual contract, 6 month or 3 month basis.  You can mix and match options to meet your needs.

ACOEM Members receive 15% off any purchase. 


Your employment locations are already likely listed as Inactive Sites on our interactive hiring map. Upgrade to Hiring and Networking Sites to turn on the recruiting features. OEM | Explore offers three ways to engage with ACOEM members: 

1. INACTIVE SITE: Claim your Site(s) and update our map to ensure we have all the right information on all of your locations. Once you’ve claimed your Site(s) they’ll be included in the “Market Follow” notifications we send to members. 

2. NETWORKING SITE: Enhance your Site(s) for recruiting with more detailed employer and branding content and enable members to engage with you directly. Networking Sites do not contain active job openings. They are designed to establish your employment brand and help you develop a bench for future hiring needs. Networking Sites are important as members often start their career search long before you advertise an open role. These Sites are included in "Market Follow" and "Employer Follow" notifications sent to members, and Member Referrals are made free of charge. 

3. HIRING SITE: Enjoy all the same features as Networking Sites plus unlimited job openings for each Site. Hiring Sites are included in Market, Employer and Job Follow notifications we send to members.